Adriana Jaroslavsky

by Sophia Neumann Taul

Adriana is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She researches the interaction of colours, shapes and materials exploring how these elements can elevate our senses, affect our human consciousness and in turn create aesthetic experiences that can enhance our wellbeing. We had a chat with Adriana on her work, sustainability and her creation for Archivist Studio. 

In your current work, where do you get your inspiration from?

On a good day where my head is clear and I feel good almost anything can inspire me. The colour of a brick on a building, the shadow cast by the sun on the pavement, a good read, nice music, definitely food and even more if it's shared and paired with insightful and deep conversation. I strongly think we can genuinely be inspired by so many things, if not all things, when we are in the right mind set and looking through with conscious eyes I think inspiration can come from anywhere. Provided that you have an optimal state of mind. 

Does the city you live in contribute to this?

Living in London is also a source of inspiration. Its crazy rhythm has carried me through good and bad times. I love its multicultural scene. I love how inclusive it can feel. I really adore its museums and galleries. 

What role does sustainability have in your work?

Sustainability is extremely important in my work. I believe in a local approach and understand that the question of sustainability needs to be asked at every stage of the process when doing a project. It is medium and not only a goal for me. To me sustainably consuming fashion means consuming less and supporting consciously made pieces, preferably local brands. 

And what is in your eyes a sustainable lifestyle? 

I reckon a sustainable life should be easy and achieved by constantly making conscious decisions. Always being kind and trying to make the best decision at every stage regardless of trends but based on what is ethical and aligns with your values. This can be done when buying the groceries, having a walk, getting a piece of clothing, going on a trip, choosing where you work, how you work, how you behave in your relationships or with your family members. Sustainability is a lifestyle that must be displayed in every single aspect of our lives.

For Archivist Studio you have painted a shirt. What was the thought process behind your design of the shirt?

Even though today I express myself mostly through more solid materials, my background is in textiles. I have studied Textiles at University of the Arts London. I hope textiles will always be a medium for me. Working with the shirt, it reminded me of movement, the importance of flow and interaction. Therefore I created a graphic dance on the shirt. 

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Adriana Jaroslavsky in the Archivist one of a kind shirt