MARTAN x Archivist Studio

by Eugénie Haitsma Mulier

MARTAN is an Amsterdam and New York based collaborative brand started by designer duo Diek Pothoven and Luuk Kuiff. They convey their story and conceptual approach through fashion collections, shows and films. Allowing them to elaborate their vision past the confinements of fashion. For Archivist Studio they designed a patchwork made out of left-over materials from previous collections. The made-to-order shirts are available in a very limited amount. The shirt used for their creation is our unisex Arges Shirt, made from 100% upcycled luxury hotel linen. 


The talented designers met at the University of the Arts of Arnhem (ArtEZ) in the Netherlands and realised early on that their vision and complimentary skills would make a detonating combination. In 2017 they presented their first show at Amsterdam Fashion Week under the name of MARTAN (an anagram from their middle names Marten and Kristan). In the meantime they have presented several collections and written and produced a short movie called House of Salt (nominated for multiple awards at European Film Festivals). Currently the studio is heading the styling of the Eurovision Song Contest of 2021 in Rotterdam. Next to bringing in their own creations, they are introducing an array of established and upcoming Dutch design talent to the festival. 

About Archivist Studio

What’s the lifecycle of luxury hotel linen? That’s the question founders Eugenie Mulier and Johannes Offerhaus asked themselves, after a night between the sheets of the most luxurious hotel in London Mayfair. To keep up the high standards, textiles in luxury hotels are discardedy when signs of wear and tear appear. The luxury hotel industry is wasting 10 million kilos of hotel linen on a yearly basis. After receiving samples from different hotels, the founders found out that the Egyptian cotton is suitable for the most comfortable and high-quality shirts. They started out with 200 kilos of Egyptian cotton from the London based hotel and are now onboarding many more hotels in Europe to make their waste management circular. The partnerhotels, based all over Europe, gather their textiles and ship them to their studio. After a quality check and a professional cleaning, the textiles are being cut and sewn to beautiful staple pieces. With more and more hotels joining, new styles are being developed and produced.

MARTAN x Archivist Studio

Luxury hotel linen mostly comes in light and uni colors. When wearing our Arges Shirt, MARTAN wanted to experiment with adorning these staple items with their left-over fabrics. The result is an interesting mix of patterns that elevate the shirt to a true art piece. The patches are hand stitched and made-to-order in their atelier in Amsterdam. Currently there are two designs available and all in very limited quantities. Via this link you can order your piece.

Please find here the high-res images of this campaign.