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Archivist is a project that aims to save discarded high quality textiles from the luxury hotel industry and turn them into timeless garments.
We asked ourselves the question what would happen to hotel sheets once they were discarded. Within a few days after reaching out to several luxury hotels, we found a “head of household” from a hotel in London’s Mayfair willing to give us 200 kilos of the finest Egyptian cotton. We learned that when hotel bed linen is discarded, it is still in a perfect state to be upcycled to quality clothing.
The fabric might have small defects but it is our aim to embrace and embellish them, averting waste from off-cuts as much as possible. The hotels, based all over Europe, collect their textiles and ship it to a family run atelier near Bucharest. There the fabrics get thoroughly cleaned, cut and manufactured into our designs.
The foundation of the brand are timeless, well-constructed shirts that suit any occasion. With more hotels joining, more styles are being developed and will be released in the near future.
We (Eugenie Haitsma and Johannes Offerhaus) are Dutch and mostly based in Berlin. Our atelier travels with us on our quest to find more sheets. Together we visit luxury hotels to talk about circular waste management and involve them in the project. The brand name Archivist naturally evolved, through our mission to preserve high-quality textiles and creating archival pieces. 
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Please find a link to our high-res images here.

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