Our story

Archivist Origins


E.M. Forster once said, “the four characteristics of humanism are curiosity, a free mind, belief in good taste, and belief in the human race”. 

A night in one of London’s luxury hotels and the satisfaction of superb bedsheets sparked our curiosity. We asked ourselves: “what is the lifecycle of luxury hotel bed sheets?”

We discovered that the comfort of said bedsheets is guaranteed through a meticulous and wasteful process.  Realising that luxury hotel textiles  get discarded at any sign of wear and tear was the beginning of Archivist Studio.

As we believe in good taste and the human race, we decided it was time to reduce the 10 million kilos of European hotel linen that end up in a landfill annually. It was time to save the outstanding fabric that was destined to be destroyed and give it a second life. It was time to upcycle luxury hotel bed linen into timeless and genderless garments. It was time for Archivist Studio.


Archivist Quality 

The quality of cotton used for luxury hotel bed sheets is the foundation of Archivist Studio. It sparked the idea to start the company and it remains the fundament of it all. The fabric we use, Egyptian cotton, has long been considered the king of fabric. 

The climate in Egypt is optimal for cotton growth as it enables the fibres to grow particularly long. When long fibres are weaved, they increase the durability of the product. The long fibres are spun into fine threads which then get woven into high quality fabric. A general rule for cotton is: the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the material. Regular cotton sheets have a thread count that ranges from 120 to 180. Egyptian cotton ranges from 400 to 1500 and is distinctly known for its’ versatility and comfort.

Our partner hotels gather their textiles and ship them to the Archivist studio. After a quality check and a professional cleaning, the textiles are cut and sewn into our beautiful staple pieces. As our portfolio of partner hotels is expanding, so are our opportunities of producing and introducing new styles.

We are thrilled to bring the highest quality fabric from the luxury hotels of the world directly into your closet. 


Archivist Philosophy

We believe that waste is a design flaw. The concept of ‘away’ does not exist in relation to waste. When anything gets thrown ‘away’, it has to go somewhere. 

Where is somewhere? As aforementioned, 10 million kilos of bed linen get discarded into a landfill annually. The state of our planet is deteriorating while the demand for fashion is continuously increasing.

Our goal as a brand is to circulate the habitude of conscious consumption. We want to create a movement comprised of individuals that celebrate mindful indulgence. Indulgence in high quality, sustainable, timeless, season-less and genderless garments